December 2022

Talent Acquisition in SaaS

All you need to know to hire top talent in a crowded software market. This mini-guide consists all essential steps to consider when implementing Talent Acquisition as a SaaS Leader in 2023.

January 2023

SaaS Finance Fundamentals

A practical guide to budgeting and scenario planning for 2023.
With curated insights from modern SaaS CFOs.

What do we organize?

Curated, knowledge-sharing group sessions.

Curated cohorts

Cohort participants are brought together in groups of 8 people in exclusively curated cohorts designed to facilitate deep knowledge-sharing.

Learning series

6 week learning trajectories with experienced SaaS mentors about specific topics such as Talent Acquisition, Financial Budgeting and Internationalization to name a few.

Small-scale events

Get insights during acceleration weekends or study trips into how other SaaS leaders are doing in other countries. Join live group discussions and get up to 8 hours of 1-on-1 coaching from top peers in the industry.

Join other leaders in scaling yourself to greater heights.

Shared knowledge, shared experience, shared success.