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Get all-time success formulas to boost your early scale-up growth

“You won't get closer to global SaaS leaders than during their acceleration weekend”

Ludwig DumontCo-founder, Willow

“They break down the process of scaling into understandable pieces”

Ruben VereeckenCo-founder, Lessgo

“Europe's first event with an eye for personal health”

Lieven VerveckenCEO van Diabatix

Experts taking care of you

Build personal confidence

Mario Haneca | Ex-Showpad — Mindset expert

Improve investment cycles

Jochen Boeykens | Ex-Clarabridge — 3x exit entrepreneur & sustainable investor

Achieve sales leadership

Bethany Ayers | COO at peak — UK’s top 10 growth leader

About this event

Up to 95% of SaaS companies fail before they reach €1 million in ARR.

Even for those that do, the journey tends to end here.

Why? Because scaling is hard. Even more with difficult macro-economic circumstances.

During our Acceleration Weekend, you will get invaluable, actionable insights into achieving scale-up success.

Directly aimed at founders and sales executives, this exclusive event is led by senior entrepreneurs with proven track record in B2B SaaS. From peer-based workshops, to intensive one-on-one coaching sessions, this masterclass focuses on 3 critical topics in scaling your business:

Sales Leadership, Conscious Fundraising and Personal Mindset.

  1. Sales leadership: Learn how to organise yourself to efficiently manage de-centralized sales teams across foreign markets. Successful scale-ups combine a proven business case in their home market with early activities to expand internationally. Leading this segment is Bethany Ayers, ex-CCO and current COO of Peak. Recently rated as one of UK’s top 10 growth leaders in tech, Bethany has a track record of leading high-growth businesses in GTM strategy, rapidly scaling their sales organizations, delivering profitable partnerships and fundraising from VC’s.
  2. Conscious fundraising: Learn to master the momentum behind partner-investors relationships, from timing to onboarding processes. When and why you step in with an investor highly impacts the company’s direction and decision-making process. In many cases investor discussions are held too early or too late. Jochen Boeykens, a feet-on-the-ground & serial triple exit entrepreneur (ex-Clarabridge), will lend us insights into sustainably achieving exit paths whilst gaining investors as well as the do’s and don’ts when fundraising.
  3. Personal mindset: Are you aware of limiting behaviors, habits or beliefs? Thinking big is a necessity to achieve a company’s full potential. With over 20 years of experience in senior sales at several B2B tech companies, mind-set expert Mario Haneca (ex-Showpad) leads this segment, teaching us how to transform our way of thinking to make quantum leaps in everything we do.

Practical information

For who:

  • Registrations are open to scale-up leaders of B2B SaaS companies that passed €1 million in funding and/or turnover
  • The event is open to founders and sales executives who are actively involved from a strategic business perspective.

Date and Location:

What to expect:

  • Actionable one-on-one coaching and energizing workshops.
  • Dedicated senior entrepreneurs at your service.
  • Time to reflect and to speed up.
  • Build deep relationships with like-minded peers across Europe.
  • Stunning environment in Piedmont at a former village which was given a new destination.
  • Top location & culinary retreat on-site.
  • Evening activities & visit to the city of Turin.
  • In-between expert sessions, participants are free to continue their daily work or enjoy activities organized by Saastermind in collaboration with local partners.

The pricing

The price (VAT exclusive):

  • Prices range from 2.450,00 euros (double room) to 2.700,00 euros (single room) and are all-inclusive (airport transfer at location, food & drinks, accommodation and costs related to activities organized on-site).
  • Flights can be booked upon demand. Participants are free to extend their stay at the Workation Village if they want to.
  • Saastermind will get in touch with you to discuss practicalities (dietary requests, room preference, etc.) and next steps in the organization for the event.

Join group discussions and get 8 hours of 1-on-1 coaching from top peers in the industry

28 Sep – 2 Oct

The Workation Village Piedmont – Italy

Join group discussions and get 8 hours of 1-on-1 coaching from top peers in the industry

Learn why fellows are excited about Saastermind

Though we're quite well surrounded with top-notch investors who invested in Facebook and WhatsApp, Saastermind's program provided us with proven tactics to scale globally. With the advice of our cohort members, we restructured our sales process and made it future-proof, introducing a knowledge hub approach to drive global marketing efforts.

Benny WillenCo-founder, Cloudalize

Saastermind helped us right away in our scaling process. It's a unique concept as it's Europe's first community in B2B SaaS to achieve bundling community and high-quality content. Building a company is not an easy ride, and having the ability to share and learn from each other is really the thing that makes a difference. I'm already looking forward to the acceleration weekend, end of September!

Ludwig DumontCo-founder, Willow

As the former COO of Intuo, a SaaS business in HR tech, we were able to go from zero to exit. Yet, the journey in doing so was tough. Saastermind's handles a highly qualitative approach in supporting me on the topics I find most challenging. The fact you become introduced to like-minded peers across Europe is a gamechanger I missed back then. I'm glad to be a member of the community.

Arne Van DammeCEO, Litto

I'm used to learning from direct peers in our company, but Saastermind's acceleration weekend connected me with like-minded tech entrepreneurs across Europe. Those 4 days provided me with insights I probably never would have received before. You get so much valuable perspectives to tackle your challenges, we were actually able to grow and expand faster than we would have expected.

Maarten Van de VondelCo-founder, Proudly

Saastermind peer-sharing programs and acceleration weekends are not just another community initiative. Existing initiatives are usually very noisy, where Saastermind adds real value because of its small-scale context and very tailored approach in matching peers with each other. Their learning experience is the best in the market.

Arnaud DeveugleFounder, Karamel

Their peer-sharing experience is a breeze. We literally share the same values in how to build a business from a sustainable angle. Up to exiting at my former company, I always found it challenging to cope with the constant stress, keeping your mindset at a constant high level. Saastermind is actually thé initiative I missed in the past. I'm looking forward to working together the upcoming year.

Johannes HoyosFounder, The Workation Village

I've been around in B2B software as a late co-founder for a couple of companies, 3 of them of which became acquired. This was a very demanding period and I felt the need to share best practices with peers to avoid them in making the same mistakes. I would definitely recommend SaaS leaders to join Saastermind. I'm happy to be contributing to the acceleration weekend, end of September.

Jochen BoeykensFounder, Skindr

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